Cloud Services for your Business or Home

Data Backup

Datawize Data Backup Services can provide your business or home with off-site backup.  Your data is encrypted, uploaded to our servers, and as an extra layer of security, you can add yet another encryption key to your data.  We keep redundant copies of your data to ensure that your data is always safe and secure.  We do this by using redundant disk arrays in our storage, and we also have a replication server that is an exact copy of the main backup server.  To further protect your data, our backup and replication servers are located in different geographic locations.

We have quotas and options to accommodate any size client. Whether you are looking to backup a single end user’s PC, a production server, or your entire organizations digital assets we can find a setup that works.

Datawize has applications that will work with any Operating System. Whether it be Windows™, MacOS™, or Unix/Linux we have you covered.  You can download the different applications HERE.